Wastewater & International Usage (other than Canada)

To Purchase PAK®27 for Wastewater  & International Usage (other than Canada)


PAK®27 is a granular product that can be applied either manually, or by using most existing broadcast spreaders.

 PAK®27 is available for shipment in 50-pound bags, 40 bags per pallet, 2,000 pounds per pallet.
Minimum order: 2,000 pounds
Shipped FOB from:  Houston, TX, Denver, CO or Cincinnati, OH
Pricing varies with quantities purchased.
Please call to discuss.

To place an order, contact:
Morgan & Associates, Inc.
dba Peroxygen Solutions
405 Parkway, Suite F
Greensboro, NC 27401

Phone: 336-272-0127
Fax: 336-272-9127
Email:  sales@peroxygensolutions.com