How To Apply

PAK®27 is approved for use as an algaestat or algaecide for the selective control of cyanobacteria in lakes, ponds, drinking water reservoirs, aquaculture and wastewater.

Rate of Application PAK®27 is approved for application from as little as 3 lbs./ acre foot for algaestatic (preventive) control and up to 100 lbs./ acre foot for algaecidal treatment of highly compromised water bodies.

Application Rates should be based upon actual cyanobacterial cell counts. (see Typical Dosage Rate Chart below)

Applicators Contributing to the affordability of the PAK®27 treatment method is its ease of application. PAK®27 can be applied either manually, or by using most existing broadcast spreaders. This application method is yet another reason that PAK®27 is a cost-effective approach to treating blue-green algae.

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