Benefits of Using PAK®27


The three most popular benefits and reasons for using PAK®27 for selective control of cyanobacteria are:

Controlling off taste and odor
Municipalities and other organizations responsible for public drinking water know how quickly and unpredictably cyanobacteria can result in taste and odor complaints from their customers.  Some cyanobacteria can produce MIB (2-methylisoborneol) and Geosmin compounds which can be responsible for these unwanted tastes and odors.  The oxidative chemistry of PAK®27 neutralizes these compounds to reduce and eliminate customer complaints.   Read more about taste and odor problems.

Needing a cost effective solution
Unlike some alternative treatment methods, only a low dosage of the concentrated PAK®27 granules is required. By using PAK®27, water treatment plants also experience

  • Reduced frequency of filter backflow, and
  • Reduced activated carbon usage in addressing taste and toxin issues.

Wanting an environmentally safe solution
PAK®27 is clearly the responsible choice, because it’s a completely biodegradable solution. It is non-persistent in the water supply, and it is non-toxic to the ecosystem. Accordingly, it has received full EPA (see label here) registration for use in ponds, lakes, drinking water reservoirs, wastewater and aquaculture. It is also NSF/ANSI 60 certified as an algaecide and an oxidant.

Other important reasons for using PAK®27 are associated with avoiding or reducing the toxins produced by cyanobacteria that present risks to humans and animals. And of course, elimination of cyanobacteria is also aesthetically important for lakes and ponds in residential areas and on golf courses—even if they are not designated as sources of potable water.

“Environmental management can’t wait for scientific certainty.”  –Ragnar Elmgren