Residential & Recreational Lakes

PAK®27, the Clear Choice to Fight Cyanobacteria in Residential and Recreational Ponds, Lakes and Reservoirs

Privately owned water supplies are threatened by excessive nutrients entering through lawn and garden run-off, wastewater discharges, detergent wastes, septic tank seepage and agricultural run-off. Excessive nutrients support dynamic growth of cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) and other aquatic algae, interfering with intended water uses and sometimes presenting health hazards to humans and animals.

Cyanobacteria can lead to a variety of problems in private water supplies:

  • Cyanotoxins may cause illness and sometimes fatalities in pets, livestock and wildlife.
  • Exposure to or ingestion of cyanobacteria can also lead to a variety of discomforts in humans.
  • Excessive cyanobacteria growth can also impart distasteful flavor to fish.
  • Cyanobacteria decomposition after a heavy bloom can deplete oxygen in bodies of water, resulting in fish kills.
  • Excess cyanobacteria can impede water intake from fire ponds and irrigation systems.
  • Excessive cyanobacteria growth can quickly change lakes, ponds, lagoons and shorelines from scenic to unsightly.

PAK®27 Algaecide is the environmentally friendly choice to combat cyanobacteria in residential and recreational ponds, lakes and reservoirs and other non-municipal water management needs.



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