Municipal Drinking Water

PAK®27 Algaecide: The Choice is Clear for Municipal Drinking Water

For Protecting Drinking Water
PAK®27 is an EPA registered and NSF/ANSI 60 certified algaestat/algaecide used for treating cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) in drinking water reservoirs.  The oxidation chemistry of PAK®27, provided by the release of hydrogen peroxide (sometimes called hydrogen dioxide), was developed to provide an environmentally safe algaecide as an alternative to copper-based products.

Combats Offensive Taste and Odor
Municipalities and other organizations responsible for public drinking water know how quickly and unpredictably cyanobacteria can result in taste and odor complaints from their customers.  Some cyanobacteria can produce MIB (2-methylisoborneol) and Geosmin compounds which can be responsible for these unwanted tastes and odors.  The oxidative chemistry of PAK®27 neutralizes these compounds to reduce and eliminate customer complaints.

The Cost-Effective Choice
Treating the source water of municipal water systems with PAK®27 can reduce operating costs due to improved filtration and reduction of activated carbon needed to remove taste and odor contaminates.  Monitoring for cyanobacteria regularly and using PAK®27 early, as an algaestat, allows municipal water plant and lake managers to control blooms and mitigate potential health risks caused by the cyanotoxins and other problems created by cyanobacteria.

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