James E.F. (Jef) Morgan-  President and Founder

Jef Morgan has been involved in the chemical industry for more than 30 years, serving in various capacities- marketing, sales and research and development. For more than 15 years, he has specialized in the field of peroxide chemistry, becoming a driving force in making products available to both the consumer market and to industrial and institutional markets.  A graduate of Indiana University with a degree in Zoology and Chemistry, Mr. Morgan has directed much of his attention to aquatic applications of peroxide chemistry since 1997.

Mr. Morgan’s long-term interest in the practical application of peroxide chemistry resulted in his establishing a strong network of industry contacts and relationships. Fueled by an entrepreneurial urge and a keen environmental interest, he began cultivating a long-standing business relationship with Solvay Chemicals in 2001, with the goal of establishing a distribution agreement and forming his own business.  In 2002, Mr. Morgan formed Morgan & Associates, Inc. (doing business as Peroxygen Solutions®) and has become an increasingly visible proponent of environmentally friendly peroxide chemical products, particularly within aquatic, industrial and institutional markets.

Edwin C. (Ed) Parsons- Sales and Logistics

Ed joined Peroxygen Solutions in 2010.  He is a graduate of North Carolina State University and has been involved with the chemical industry since 1979.

His past experience and responsibilities, mainly in the textile chemical industry, has included purchasing management, operations management, manufacturing and logistics.  He is experienced in handling the shipping and transportation needs for regional, national and international customers.

“If you have remarked errors in me, your superior wisdom must pardon them. Who
errs not while perambulating the domain of nature? Who can observe everything
with accuracy? Correct me as friend, and I as a friend will requite with kindness.”
— Linnaeus