Manufacturing Partner—Solvay Chemicals, Inc.   Solvay Chemicals, Inc. is an international leader in chemical manufacturing, with numerous facilities located around the world. Included in their portfolio of essential products such as hydrogen peroxide, soda ash, caustic soda and persalts, Solvay manufactures and holds the registered trademark for PAK®27.

Sales, Distribution and Service Partner—Control Equipment Co., Inc.  Control Equipment Co., Inc. (CEC) has been a supplier of products to wastewater facilities for many years. They now offer PAK®27 as a complement to their extensive range of products such as equipment, parts, chemicals, instrumentation and other supplies to their customers. They are able to offer PAK®27 in quantities to suit smaller wastewater treatment plants, especially in the VA, WV and NC areas.

Sales, Distribution and Service Partner- Industrial Chemicals Corporation. Industrial Chemicals Corporation (ICC), located in Arvada, CO, is an independent chemical distributor supplying chemicals and process aids to a variety of industries, including wastewater treatment, in the Rocky Mountain region. PAK®27 has been added to their extensive product line to service the smaller segments of the wastewater industry in and around the Colorado and New Mexico areas.

Sales, Distribution and Service Associate—SePRO Corp.  SePRO Corporation now handles sales and distribution to areas of the aquatic marketplace including Municipal Drinking Water facilities, professional Aquatic Applicators, irrigation, recreational water managers, private lake and pond owners and golf courses.  SePRO offers PAK®27 along with other products and services for the aquatic arena.

Applicator Associate—Vortex Granular Systems, LLC   
Vortex offers the TR Aquatic granular spreader, with a patented design that saves material and labor by spreading PAK®27 evenly and continuously over the water body. For general information about applying PAK®27, see How to Apply.