Morgan & Associates, Inc. (doing business as Peroxygen Solutions®) was incorporated in 2002 with the primary objective of marketing, selling and providing research and development for PAK®27 Algaecide*.  PAK®27 is an environmentally safe way to control cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) in drinking water reservoirs, ponds, lakes, aquaculture, irrigation, wastewater and most other types of water bodies.

Although PAK®27 received special local need (SLN) permits in Florida (1998) and North Carolina (2003), Peroxygen Solutions surpassed an important milestone in May 2004 when PAK®27 received final EPA approval as a biochemical algaecide.  In January 2005, the EPA granted approval for use of PAK®27 for aquaculture. In December 2006, the EPA granted label amendments for expanded usage, including wastewater and increased
dosage rates PAK®27. See our label here.

In January 2017, Peroxygen Solutions is specifically focused on wastewater application for PAK®27 the United States. We also service the international aquatic market (outside the U.S. and Canada) with PAK®27 for all segments of the aquatic industry including both wastewater and drinking water applications.

To promote the availability and adoption of peroxygen chemical products that are friendly to the environment.