Author: Jef Morgan

Nuisance Algae?

I recently saw the attached cartoon (thank you Sidney Harris) that put my creative juices flowing.   It touched one of my “hot buttons”. Concurrently I encountered in two professional water journals, written by two well respected lake authorities, articles

“The Water Column”- Management by Walking Around

If you’re as old as I am you will remember the term “management by walking around” (MBWA), which refers to a style of management tracing its origins in the 1970s to Hewlett-Packard’s management practices and later by Tom Peters and

“The Water Column”- Monitoring and Managing (part 2)

This is a continuation of our earlier post – Monitoring and Managing. We introduced what we should be sampling for and why in the first blog. This entry will discuss where, how, and how often sampling should be done. This

“The Water Column”- Monitoring and Managing (part 1)

“Environmental management can’t wait for scientific certainty”-  Ragnar Elmgren Dr. Elmgren’s quote sets the tone for discussion of source water quality issues in our lakes and reservoirs, and the need for continuous monitoring to understand dynamic lake ecosystems. Sampling and

An Introduction to “The Water Column”

This column is all about you… and your water… your reservoir, lake, pond, lagoon, or whatever the nature of your water impoundment. Every water impoundment is it’s own ecosystem and like it or not they are “Algae Incubators”.  By definition,