Peroxide Chemistry for Wastewater

PAK®27 for mitigating cyanobacteria (blue‑green algae) and preventing the problems they cause in wastewater lagoons and other segments of the wastewater industry.
Wastewater Treatment with PAK®27
  • Lagoon disruptors
  • NPDES compliance (TSS, BOD, pH, etc.)
  • Cyanoblooms (HABs)
  • Noxious odors


PAK®27 for NPDES compliance in effluent treatment lagoons

Industrial & Institutional

FB®400 Sodium Percarbonate for powerful cleaning, bleaching, stain removal and deodorizing capabilities


PAK®27 and FB®400 Sodium Percarbonate for all segments of the aquatic industry, including drinking water, wastewater and recreational


Early detection and tracking exact locations of cyanoblooms for cost effective treatment